Healthpoint offers an allergy skin test that includes the application of 58 of the most common and regional environmental allergens known to cause either seasonal or yearlong symptoms. Food allergy testing is also available but will need to be performed using a blood test.  In addition to testing, Healthpoint offers allergen immunotherapy as a form of treatment aimed at decreasing your sensitivity to discovered allergens. 

Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test (CIMT)

4 The Health of It is a special and unique clinic that has embraced the need to make preventive medicine a priority.  Not only do we provide primary care services when you are feeling bad, but we take things one step further.  Historically we have grown up with the mindset to call a doctor each time we feel bad. This is a very reactive approach to managing our health.  While it addresses the immediate issue, it doesn’t allow us the opportunity to detect and address those issues we don’t see or feel.  Each of us is composed of a combination of genes that has been handed down to us through the generations.  These combinations can make us predisposed to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. These conditions can sit quiet in our DNA for years before suddenly rearing their ugly heads. 

Our program combines education, diagnostics and vital information to help empower you to take control of your personal well-being. It incorporates advanced and precise blood testing to reveal underling conditions and immediate issues needing to be addressed such as heart disease and stroke, autoimmune issues, hormones, etc.  You will walk out of our office with a much better understanding of your body, health, and with a customized wellness plan that's focused on your total wellbeing

Vault Testing

Additional Health Services

What We Do

We  have partnered with Ortho Molecular Products to offer our patients top quality vitamins/supplements. Research has shown that vitamins you purchase over the counter from local stores can vary in quality which can be frustrating, disappointing, and a waste of money. What makes Ortho Molecular different? They pride themselves on using quality formulations that are evidence-based and utilize advanced processes and manufacturing to ensure you receive the best quality product to help you get better faster. 

Order your prescription grade vitamin/supplements online

Healthpoint Allergy Testing


The CIMT is a quick 10 minute ultrasound that is used to determine the health of your arteries by allowing us to see whether any plaque is forming on the walls.  This test is esstential in proactively managing your heart health so you can take the necessary steps to improve your arteries and circumvent any future issues. Below is our upcoming CIMT dates.  Give us a call to schedule yours...10 minutes can help save your life!

Check the calendar on our Homepage for all CIMT dates!

Genomaxx Fitness

Testing & Screening

Vault is a cloud-based system that is used to help evaluate your symptoms and easily screen you for certain medical conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, etc. 


Pathway Genomics Testing

We are excited to announce that we now offer Rodan+Fields at our office in an effort to offer our patients an effective alternative approach to skincare. They are a premium skin care brand from two world renowned Dermatologists that is built on innovative products backed by clinically proven results. 

Visit the 
Rodan+Fieldswebsite and scroll to "Find your Formula" to get expert advice using the Rodan+Fields Solution tool. Answer a few simple questions about you and your skin type to receive a customized skincare routine. 

Remove the guesswork from diet and exercise, and optimize your health through the power of genetics! No more wasted time on fad diets, know exactly how your body reacts to certain foods and exercise. Additionally, you can learn what supplements would best benefit your body. Your results will be sent directly to you, and will contain a thorough breakdown of your customized diet and exercise plan including a 12-week training program, meal plans and food recommendations. Genomaxx Fitness also offers a mobile app that allows you to access your results, track your progress, and even scan food labels. Use code: vcbo-haz4-thoi to order the test from GenoMaxx Fitness for $199!

DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world around you. Each one of us is unique, so the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach simply doesn't work, Through the Pathway Genomics testing, we'll uncover your personal path to a healthier lifestyle. 

There are several test options to suit your health needs. Read more about the tests that are available and dive into the details for each of them.

True Health  Labs

Primary & Preventive Care

True Health offers blood testing that goes above and beyond. Standard bloodwork often fails to tell the whole story. True Health looks deeper and tests for innovative biomarkers that give you the early insight you need to take action.  You will be provided an easy-to-read report that is color-coded like a stoplight—green means “good,” yellow means “increased risk,” and red means “high risk.”, which we will review in detail with you.